I wear lots of hats. Reader. Writer. Mom. Reviewer. And now, apparently, blogger.

I read children’s books. Lots and lots of children’s books. In fact, during the last ten years or so I’ve earned two masters degrees that entailed reading thousands of middle grade, young adult, early readers, and picturebooks. In July I completed an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults at the amazing Vermont College of Fine Arts. In 2014 I completed an MA in Children’s Literature at the equally wonderful Simmons College. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with incredible teachers and writers, all who believe in the power of children’s books and love them just as much as I do.

I review professionally and recently finished my first novel, a young adult book which I’m currently querying. And I am proud to say I’m the official book advisor for all of my friends’ children. And most of my adult friends, too.

Yeah, poor me.

In DREAMING IN TYPEFACE I plan on writing random thoughts about books I’m reading that have touched me in some way or just got me thinking.  I plan on talking up books I love and exploring why I don’t love others.  Like most of what I write, it’s a work in progress.

I’m also the mom of two boys with special needs, and that role informs the things I chose to read, what I write about, and also the kinds of books that are sent to me to review.

When I’m not writing, parenting, reading, reviewing, or offering unsolicited book suggestions in book stores, I like going to the beach, drinking wine, and complaining about how much the rest of my family makes me go skiing.

You can contact me at rebecca.kirshenbaum@vcfa.com, or follow me on Twitter at @rhkirsh1.

Thank you for dreaming with me!